Welcome to Q'uet Lipz™ (pronounced Cute Lips)

Established in 2018 by Que, Q’uet Lipz originally started out as a way to earn extra money on the side for the single mother of two who already held down a full-time job as a Provider Claims Service Representative. Instead of wanting to just earn extra money on the side, Que decided to turn her “side hustle” into her own legit business.

Q’uet Lipz is a lipstick line of Matte Lipsticks. Unlike most Matte Lipsticks, Q’uet Lipz offers a more creamy, long-lasting moisture to texture then your ordinary Matte Lipstick which tends to be dry and in need of an additional application of moisture on top.

Que’s main goal is to grow her business as an known cosmetic line throughout the world!!

"I've worked extremely hard to bring this all together for you, for myself, for my daughters and later on in life, my daughters children. I love my product! Its my new baby!! I'm so excited for you to have Q'uet Lipz!! I really hope you'll love my product as much as I do! Its not a dry Matte, it has moisture, its waterproof and last long!! I've literally worn each of the 8 colors myself before I presented them to you! With that being said, I present to you Q'uet Lipz!! Be confident, be Q'uet!!"

More products coming soon!!

--Que T.